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At Best Choice Metal Buildings, we provide all of North West Arkansas with a full range of metal building options, including stick frame, steel truss, and red iron. We're fully licensed and insured.

Welcome to Best Choice Metal Buildings!

We are experts adept in almost everything metal buildings. We cater to the building, sale, and servicing needs of all kinds of metal buildings in Northwest Arkansas and its vicinity. We're a legit and licensed general contracting firm with client satisfaction as our prime priority.

We like to keep it authentic by offering general liability insurance, workman compensations, and lien releases along with a standard warranty for each of our projects. We strive really hard to be a low-risk-high-reward service provider for you.

North West Arkansas Metal Buildings

The Shell

The "shell" is what most customers look for in metals building and we're the veterans in shell building.

The shell includes 6 building elements as explained below:

1. Dirt Work

Perfectly flat work sites need no dirt work. But then not all sites are flat. Many sites may need a tad of red dirt pad. Also, for land with enough working space, we can easily create the pad with just a dozer. And then there are places demanding a lot of work before we even get a starting point. Whatever be your case, we've got just the right advice and solutions for you. If the red dirt pad doesn't work, we can give you concrete block foundations on 30% slopes. We can even get rid of trees. All in all, there's no problem that we can't solve.

2. Concrete Floor

We construct metal buildings with floating slabs, with footings and piers, and with the monolithic thickened edges as well. In short, we are capable of providing all kinds of foundations to support your concrete floor. Our experts are adept in creating foundations that satisfy your idea and style.

3. Rough-in-Plumbing

For your bathrooms, we've got our own licensed Arkansas plumbers. These experts would fix the rough-in plumbing into your floor before concreting.

4. Metal Building Kit

We build all types of metal buildings. The services include Post Frame Buildings aka Pole Barns, Red Iron Buildings aka Pre-engineered Steel Buildings, Stick Frame Metal Buildings aka Stud Wall Construction, and Simple Homes aka Stick Frame Technology.

5. Labor to Erect

Best Choice Metal Buildings is blessed to have dedicated and professional teams. All our employees are well trained, professional, and insured. We back all our products and ensure you a workmanship warranty as well.

6. Big Doors

We provide insulated overhead doors for most of our projects. We can also build traditional sliding doors for your horse barns. Moreover, we can even make your home match with existing doors.

Once done with the shell, our customers are secured. Now, you've got your building weather tight and you can lock it. This is the turning point of the whole construction process. The all demanding fixed-sequence timeline is done with. You can easily take over from here.


Once we've finished the shell construction, dealing with the electric needs of the building comes quite easy.